Randonnée del Cannonau

Dorgali – 2020 March 28

100 Km or 200 Km

Smile, you are cycling!








Rando del Cannonau 200km

Rando del Cannonau 200km is the Sardinian classic event for all long-distance biking enthusiasts, as Randonné and Sportives. Taking place every spring, you’ll discover the best routes along the Cannonau territory in Sardinia, challenging yourself through unique landscapes and enjoying rich refreshment stations featuring local products. It’s not a race, but you have just 13 hours to cover 200 km of the hilly countryside.

By completing the Rando del Cannonau, you’ll get the 200 km Brevet BRM.

The Route

  • distance 200km
  • climb 2750

With the 2016 edition and the Rando del Supramonte we explored the south of Barbagia, crossed the heart of Ogliastra and touched the peaks of Gennargentu. With the route of the Rando del Cannonau we will discover the northern part of the island, pushing us to the wonderful massif of Mount Albo. Leaving Dorgali we go up along the course of the Cedrino river dominated by the Corrasi massif. From Oliena we continue on the old road to Orgosolo, from where we descend towards the vineyards of Mamoiada, before reaching Nuoro. The itinerary continues northwards through regions that are symbols of the agro-pastoral Sardinian culture: we cross Orune, Bitti and Lula in succession, before reaching the wonder of Monte Albo, which we cross along a path surrounded by greenery, under the white limestone peaks on the right and the valley of Mamone on the left. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Sardinia. A long descent overlooking the island of Tavolara takes us to the beaches of La Caletta di Siniscola. The silence of the countryside of Irgoli and the village of Orosei set the tone for the return to Dorgali where awaits the well-deserved Randonneur BRI/ARI patent as well as a festive evening with all the friends who will have shared this unforgettable experience.

And then start to warm up for March 28, 2020, this year too will be a party!

Randonnée del Cannonau

If you don’t feel ready for the 200km, or just want to take it slower to enjoy a wonderful day on the Strada del Cannonau at your own pace, there’s the 100km race.
The route is identical to that of the Rando del Cannonau up to km 70, here everyone can decide whether to continue to Monte Albo or whether to return to Dorgali along the valley of the Cedrino. It’s up to you to choose, or rather, now think about registering, for the choice of the route you have time up to the 70th kilometer …

The Route

  • distance 100km
  • climb 1700m

The route is identical to that of the 200km to Nuoro, from here the two routes are divided. The long route continues north to Monte Albo. While ours returns towards Dorgali along the descent of La Solitudine and the Cedrino Valley.

Randonnée del Cannonau Permanent route

A Permanent route, is a certificated ride that can be ridden at any time of the year, it is not restricted to a specific date established by the organizer. Coming with a certification, routes can start and finish in the same location, but they can also be partially ridden, allowing for multiple stops along the way. The route can be of any distance of 200km+ (100-199km for a Permanent Populaire). A Permanent may be ridden alone or with a group.

The Route

  • distance up to 600km
  • climb up to 1,000m

Get ready for a beautiful journey through Barbagia, Ogliastra and Baronia. You can organize your itinerary in total autonomy by downloading the GPS trackers along the routes, deciding the stages and choosing the hotels to stay overnight.
But if you prefer to have assistance to ensure a unique experience, contact us and we will be happy to offer you a trip designed according to your personal taste.

The route is divided into 3 GPS tracks that have the following characteristics:

  • Ring of 450km which has as its extremes cardinals Siniscola (north), Baunei (east), Jerzu (south) and Atzara (east)
  • Dorgali – Aritzo, 100km
  • Urzulei – 85km Seui link road
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